HTML Ampersand Character Codes


Double quote
& Ampersand (“and” sign)
< Less-than
> Greater-than
  un-linebreak-able space
¡ Upside-down !
¢ Cent sign (c crossed out)
£ Pound sign: the currency symbol
not the tic-tac-toe telephone symbol, which is incorrectly called “pound”.
¤ circle with dashes at NE, SE, SW, and NW
¥ Y crossed out
¦ Vertical line, maybe with gap in middle
§ Section sign (like hurricane symbol on weather maps)
¨ Two dots up in the air
© Copyright sign (C in a circle)
ª lower case “a” up in the air
« Two small less-than signs: the German open-quote
¬ Not sign from classical logic
  “Soft” hyphen: a dash
® Registered sign (R in a circle)
¯ Macron (horizontal line up in the air)
° Degree sign
± Plus-or-minus sign
² 2 up in the air
³ 3 up in the air
´ Little dash pointing to North-East
µ Micro sign, lower case Greek Mu
Paragraph sign (mirror image capital P with two legs and a black eye)
· Decimal Point (English style, mid-level)
¸ Small sickle shape, low down
¹ 1 up in the air
º lower case “o” up in the air
» Two small greater-than signs: the German close-quote
¼ One quarter
½ One half
¾ Three quarters
¿ Upside-down ?
× Times sign: narrow x without serifs
÷ Division sign: a colon : with a dash through it
Ð Old English voiced “Th”, “D” with dash through upright
ð Old Englished voiced “th”: bendy “d” with dash through tail
Þ Old English unvoiced “Th”: “P” but loop has slipped down
þ Old English unvoiced “th”: smaller version of the above
Æ “A” and “E” in a ligature, as in ENCYCLOPAEDIA
æ “a” and “e” in a ligature, as in “encyclopaedia”
Œ “O” and “E” in a ligature, as in MANOEUVRE
œ “o” and “e” in a ligature, as in “manoeuvre”
Å “A” with a little circle above: Angstrom sign
Ø “O” with diagonal line through: Empty set sign
Ç “C” with cedilla (sickle shape) underneath
ç “c” with cedilla (sickle shape) underneath
ß German “sz” ligature, like a lower case Greek Beta
Ñ N with wiggle on top
ñ n with wiggle on top

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